On The Simpsons' 30th Anniversary, The Empire State Building Honours The Show With Yellow Lights - View Pic
The Simpsons honoured by the Empire State Building. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

On December 17, as The Simpsons celebrated their 30th anniversary, the Empire State Building also did their bit to live vicariously. The iconic landmark in New York City was lit in yellow to commemorate the celebrations of The Simpsons turning 30 but not looking a day older.

A video of the same surfaced on ABC's Twitter account with a caption, "The Empire State Building is lit yellow tonight in honour of The Simpsons' 30th anniversary." Over the years, The Simpsons raked in a lot of love and hate at the same time. But it has been mostly love because of the awesomeness of the show.

In fact, what has been interesting is how the makers managed to predict things way into the future that many didn't expect to happen. Perhaps they might have predicted the Empire State Building honour too because the iconic NY building does not just play with their lights or honour people. Check out the lit tower below.

Surely, there have been lots of controversies surrounding the show's characters as well. One of the most prominent ones was the backlash the character Apu faced for cultural appropriation. Basically, the character was showcased in a way that many objected to and eventually, the controversy reached such a level that the character had to be dropped altogether. While the show has seen ups and downs in all the 30 years, it still holds a dear spot in everyone's hearts.