‘Pee After Sex’ Funny Jokes & Memes Give Serious Sex Education to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
'Pee After Sex' Meme is going crazy viral (Photo Credits: Film Stills/Twitter)

How many times have ladies, especially the sexually active ones been told to empty their bladder after having sex? It is one of the best sex tips. Urinating after coitus decreases the chances of contracting urinary tract infections (UTIs). However, despite gynaecologists strongly advice women to pee after having sexual intercourse, it seems to fall on deaf ears. And now all of sudden this health-related topic has kickstarted courtesy a viral meme. Yes, you’ve read it all right. ‘Pee after sex’ meme is doing a great job of sex education on the social media via funny jokes and one-liners on Twitter. ‘Days without Sex’ Meme Trend Is Taking Over the Internet and It Will Make You ROFL So Hard.

New day, new memes catch our attention, and that too for a short span of time. Can’t blame ourselves as there are new trending memes to laugh out loud on. But here’s a meme, Twitterati seem to not get enough of. ‘Pee After Sex’ went viral after a user with handle @trashychick tweeted, ‘pee after sex or u will get a dui.’ It’s not rocket science to understand the tweet is a variation of “pee after sex or you’ll get a UTI,” and it soon turned into a viral format.

Netizens began tweeting bizarre, unreasonable, lame things that could happen if you do not pee after having sex. With over 79,000 retweets, it became a legit meme. From taking a dig at U2 album, to be enrolled in unwanted institutions, pee-after-sex meme leaves none. Here have a look at a few of them.

The jokes on ‘pee after sex’ meme are not only hilarious but also has aided in having a meaningful discussion on sex. Peeing after sex is believed to be a form of safe sex, a topic, which should ideally be a part of sex education in schools.

Women are at higher risk of developing a UTI than men – for a simple reason, they have a shorter urethra than men do, making it easier for bacteria to travel fast from urethra to the bladder, where they begin to multiply. Now, peeing after sex helps them flush out these bacteria, responsible for urinary tract infections (UTIs).

According to Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai MD Alan B. Copperman, “Sex is often associated with UTIs because sexual intercourse introduces bacteria through the urethra and into a woman’s urinary tract.” In fact, the most common UTIs affect the bladder and urethra. So it is quite essential to ‘pee after sex’ and avoid getting a UTI in the first place.