Pet Pomeranian Had ‘Illicit Relationship’ With Dog Next Door, Says Owner Who Abandoned Her
Abandoned Pet Pomeranian (Photo Credits: Sreedevi S Kartha‎/ Facebook)

Incidents of owners abandoning their pets have often made to the headlines, for citing the silliest of reasons possible. But the story of this three-year-old Pomeranian, who was abandoned by its owner is far more strange than you must have come across. The pooch was dumped because it had an apparent “illicit relationship” with a dog next door. A viral image of the pooch has melted netizens heart and also angered them knowing the reason, this good pet was abandoned. The dog, whose name is not known, has been taken by a volunteer from the People for Animals in Chennai, hoping that it gets a new parent soon. After Battling Separation Anxiety & Help Offered By Snoop Dogg, Canine Is in Love With His Owner. 

According to the News Minute, the dog was found abandoned outside the World Market in Thiruvananthapuram's Chackai. The organisation’s volunteer, Shameem was alerted by a passer-by. When he took the pooch to their shelter, he was shocked to find a note, tied to her. The note revealed the reason, behind abandoning the Pomeranian. Dog Adopts Abandoned Baby Monkey in Madhya Pradesh Village. 

View Pic of the Pomeranian Who Was Abandoned:

“It is a disciplined dog. Good habits. Doesn't require a lot of food. It is free from diseases. She's given bath five days a week and she only barks. She has never bitten anyone in three years. She mostly eats milk, biscuits and eggs. She is abandoned because she was in an illicit relationship with a neighbourhood dog,” as translated by the same report.

“The dog is in heat,” Shameem was quoted. And when they are in heat, they mate. It is for this natural urge of the dog that its owner chose to abandon her. We really hope that the pooch finds a new family soon.