Pune Airport Conveyor Belt Had 2019 New Year Surprise Gifts; Passengers All Smile & Thankful to the Cute Gesture
Pune Airport Conveyor Belt Had 2019 New Year Surprise Gifts (Photo Credits: @KameeniChhori/ @dash_crazy5/ Twitter)

We have just entered another brand-New Year, and there are so much happening on the internet already. Yes, a few days ago we screamed Happy New Year 2019 to our beloved ones, but it does not mean that the surprises would end soon. The passengers at Pune Airport were right in for that! On January 6, the travellers who were waiting for their luggage were surprised to see boxes full of presents at the conveyor belt. Startled passengers gradually would pick them up, all smiles and thankful to such a thoughtful gesture. China’s Four Generations Challenge Is the Cutest Meme of 2019; Netizens Can’t Agree More. 

People soon took to Twitter, and it was revealed that the initiative was taken by Phoenix Market City, Pune for Happy 2019 capturing a #GoodLifeMoment at the airport. From the younger ones to the oldest, every passenger received their New Year gift. The videos and pictures have surfaced the internet with people thanking the city’s Phoenix market for such an amazing humility in the busiest atmosphere. #TransLooksLikeThis Goes Viral on Twitter With Transgenders Sharing Their Experiences for Not Being ‘Trans Enough’. 

Watch the Video of Passengers at Pune Receiving New Year Surprise Gifts at the Conveyor Belt.

No further information could be accessed immediately. But the passengers after receiving the gifts, posed for some photographs, collected their baggage and left the airport, all smiles. Isn’t it great? The idea is indeed thoughtful. We are truly in for some fantastic start. Thumbs up to the kindest initiative!