Rare 'Ghost Apples' Appear on Trees in Michigan As Freezing Temperatures Continue (See Pictures)
Ghost apples (Photo Credits: Andrew Sietsema Facebook)

This winter brought along freezing temperatures around most countries of the world. From frozen lakes and waterfalls, ice pines hanging from trees to hot water turning into mist, we saw quite a lot of things as record-breaking minus temperatures gripped regions. And the latest to be added to the list of winter phenomenons is ghost apples. Andrew Sistema, a farmer from Kent County in Michigan shared pictures of ice apples hanging from trees in his backyard and it has gone viral.

Ghost apples look exactly like apples only these are made of ice. Ghost apples were formed quite naturally while apples were on trees. Apples that hadn't been picked got coated in ice and some fell off the tree. When it rained, these apples began to appear clearly on trees as the rainwater froze around the fruits. Pictures of Frozen Dal Lake in Srinagar and Snowfall in Manali Makes Us Want to Rush to the Hills This Holiday Season!

Here are ghost apples:

But after some time, the apples began to rot and slid out of a gap at the bottom of the ice. And what was left on the tree looked like a perfect apple formed out of ice. The photos were quick to garner attention on social media and went viral. Pictures of frozen Niagra falls had gone viral last month. Pictures and videos of people walking on frozen lakes and other water bodies were also shared largely on social media. Pictures of a Siberian girl with frozen eyelashes had gone viral last year.