Another day, yet another video by one of India's popular comedy YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani. This time the social media star took a dig at the on-going Bigg Boss 14 reality show to create a supposedly hilarious spin-off. The fans are totally digging the latest video and funny memes have already taken over Twitter. However, we fail to understand WHY! Ashish Chanchlani is known for his profanity-laden, obnoxious humour very similar to CarryMinati's and has created a fanbase for the same. While sometimes his videos do tickle the funny bones just right, often times than not they end up becoming a perfect example of what we do not expect from a comedian with his stature.

Right from the redundant, highly predictable jokes, to the obnoxious portrayal of women characters, this particular video by Ashish Chanchlani, unfortunately, had more cringe-worthy moments than hilarious ones. His portrayal of women character with the over-the-top hair and clothes have ironically been the strength of his videos in the past, however, this time it simply seemed unnecessary. Not to mention, this was a spin-off of an unintentionally hilarious Indian reality show that has given us tonnes of meme materials in the past. We are no comedians but isn't it easier to churn out a comic spin-off from something like Bigg Boss 14? Well, if you don't believe us watch the video for yourself:

Sasta Biig Bosss Parody By Ashish Chanchlani: 


Take a look at some of the Sasta Biig Bosss 'Funny' Memes and Jokes:

Umm... Okay...

That One is a Scam!

Yeh Bhi Theek Hai...

Well, we must not forget Ashish Chanchlani's "Bijli Ka Bill Tera Baap Bharega" viral videos that have made us laugh till it physically hurt in the past amongst many more such memes trends that the YouTube star started off. But looks like the charm didn't work this time. What say?!

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