The New Rs 100 Note is Lavender in Colour and Here's Why LGBTQ Community is Hopeful!
The new Rs 100 note gives hope to LGBTQ community (Photo credits: Twitter/RBI and File photo)

India has been going through a quite a change in its currency. With new denomination and change in currency notes, there is some sort of revolution in the currencies. The Reserve Bank of India announced it will issue new Rs 100 currency notes in lavender colour. The colour scheme of Indian currency is really changing and could it be a sign of another revolutionary decision in the making, Twitter wonders. All the newly introduced notes put together, they come close to the LGBTQ flag, according to a Twitter user and the resemblance is too evident to miss. RBI Announces New Rs 100 note in Lavender Colour And Twitter is Full of Jokes Already!

The verdict on whether to decriminalise Section 377 is currently reserved by the Supreme Court. The SC has asked the council to give their written submissions regarding 'for and against' for the law. Meanwhile, Twitter is hopeful that the decision will come in favour of the LGBTQ community.

Check out the tweet which shows the similarity between Indian currency notes and the LGBTQ flag:

Well, now that you see it, you cannot really unsee it. The notes may be in a lighter shade but put together, they seem to be a silent support to Section 377. The archaic law criminalises consensual homosexual relations.

The new Rs 100 currency note has the motif of 'RANI KI VAV' on the reverse, which is a not so well-known stepwell in Gujarat. It is a UNESCO heritage site, but with its appearance on the new currency, people will know more. Pink, yellow, blue, green and now a lavender addition, the Indian currency is going a drastic makeover so to say.

We may be used to such colourful notes in the game of monopoly but they have now been in regular circulation. What do you think about the new Rs 100 notes and also the resemblance to the LGBTQ flag?