These PUBG Mobile Game Memes Are Funny Yet So Relatable to Every Game Lover!
Memes made on PUBG game (Photo credits: Twitter and Instagram)

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG is a mobile game that has left everyone addicted. Those who love to play games on their smartphones would be aware of this battlefield game which involves many players at one time. Friends gather teams and play or rather fight it out with the contenders. The main aim of this game is to survive against the other gamer participants. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground: Know Everything About the Most Played Online Multiplayer Game PUBG.

The game became so popular that it crossed over 100 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms. The game has seen 14 million daily active users in just a few months time. So one can really guess the intensity of its popularity. And anything that's massively popular has memes to it. So PUBG too has seen its share of jokes and memes being made on it.

Check some of the PUBG Memes and Games trending on Social Media

PUBG is Priority

Not leaving the rickshaw guy

Blessing for Singles!


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Pubg is a blessing for singles 😂😂

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And then there are gamer girls 


Character memes

Pochinki is real


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Aftereffects of playing PUBG

PUBG Goes Desi


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If you are a PUBG player or know someone who loves the game, you'd relate to these jokes well. The game recently also introduced a Halloween-themed update for the users. The game continues to be enjoyed by several users and we are sure so will the memes continue. Do you enjoy playing this game?