PUBG Mobile Crosses 1 Million Downloads on Andriod and iOS Platforms
PUBG Mobile (Photo Credit:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the top-played online multiplayer games right now. The developers of the battle royal game have announced that it has crossed over 100 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms. Released in March, PUBG Mobile has already witnessed more than 14 million daily active users in this short period of five months. Fortnite Android Beta Open for Registration; Here’s How You Play Fortnite on Device.

The game initially was released for the PC version last year, which gained a lot of positive reviews. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground also earned many Game of the Year (GOTY) nominations and is regarded to be a defining game of the Battle Royale genre. Popularly known as ‘PUBG’, the game combines the aggressive shooter style with sandbox or open-world genre and gives its users a taste into survivor-style shooter world. Realme 2 Smartphone Teaser Image Reveals Notched Display & Dual Rear Camera.

As for game mechanics, the player or user can team up to a four-member squad or can take the solo road to survival. After which, the player will be dropped by an aeroplane on an island, where other 99 players will make their way to be the last person alive. During this process, players have to find and scavenge materials like weapons, armour, energy drinks and first aid kits for their survivability. The game also has a unique rule, by which the play area or play zone is reduced from time to time making it crucial for players to stay alive. An Australian Teenager Hacks Apple Server, Steals 90 GB Data Through MacBook: Report.

PUBG Mobile offers two modes like Regular Mode and Arcade Mode. The Regular Mode allows 100 players to parachute down to an enormous play zone, whereas, the Arcade Mode is similar to most FPS shooter games like CS: GO, and Team Fortress 2, where only 28 players will drop off at a smaller play area meant to score highest kills the time runs out. The game has received a few updates giving it more weapons, smoother frame rates, new skins, crates and more, making the game enjoyable for gamers.