A Christmas tree adorned with dogs has gone viral on social media platforms. The canines as guide dogs at Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation. Read the entire story here.Watch the Video Below:

An ad agency bought hoardings and other ad space worth Rs 5.41 lakh and left it empty to give people a break from advertisements. They have named the campaign as 'White Christmas'.Watch The Video Below:

Video of a toddler getting himself stuck inside a Skee-Ball machine in Las Vegas has gone viral on Twitter. While the incident happened a month ago, it has recently started doing rounds on the internet.Watch The Video Below:

A Georgia family was surprised at seeing an owl hiding in a Christmas tree. Katie McBride Newman said that she and her daughter spotted the bird on December 12.Here is The Photo:

India is raging with the newly Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The protest is going on across the country. Participating in the anti CAA and NRC, a couple's pre-wedding shoot has gone viral. Voicing against CAA and NRC, the couple can be seen holding placards, each reads, 'No CAA' and 'No NRC.'View Pic:

Caturday is here and Twitter is filled with adorable photos and clips of their fur-friend cats. The paws are up, as they begin their lazy Saturday with hoomans.Check Tweets:

People online seem to be ready to kick-start their Christmas 2019 celebrations. Twitter is filled with beautiful moments of everyone waiting patiently for the season of merry.Check Tweets:

This Karnataka farmer, Pradeep HR has become the internet sensation for his apt rendition to Justin Beiber's Song, "Baby." The clip featuring the farmer, singing and dancing to the iconic MJ moves too, have earned praises online. Read the full story hereWatch Viral Video:

People currently are participating in the Chef Boyardee Challenge, where they are recreating the 2004 commercial of the pasta can following girl. But it is the video of this man who awesomely recreated that ad, by rolling on the ground, just like the can.Watch Video:

Ben Franklin, the golden retriever, appointed as a therapy dog at a police department in Massachusetts, was caught on camera stealing toys from charity bin.Watch Video:

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Saturday is here and that means you can totally enjoy the weekend! Have you had a tiring week and still have some work to be done? If you are feeling too demotivated then there are some #SaturdayThoughts, #SaturdayFeels, #SaturdayFeeling and #SaturdayMotivation trending this morning. To keep up with all the trends, we will try and give you all the trending topics, funny memes and viral videos of the day in this section.

December 21 marks the celebration of different events from around the world and birthdays of famous personalities. It marks the celebration of Global Orgasm Day. Along with that, it marks the birthdays of actors Govinda and Tamanna Bhatia, choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant. Fans of them are likely to start trending their birthday wishes. Besides, every day we see something related to Christmas and New year coming up on social media. With the festive season just around the corner, even netizens are spreading the cheer.

Social media is a great place to keep a tab on what is happening around the world. With the use of hashtags, we can understand what is trending in what part of the world. And yet sometimes, you cannot even predict what will start trending or go viral on the internet. A simple tweet or funny picture and memes could start a viral trend. In this section, we will try and cover all the fun stories, bizarre news, funny meme trends and viral videos along with social media challenges from around the world. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!