As the nominations for Oscars were announced right now, everyone has taken to Twitter to discuss the movies, actors and performances.Check some tweets below:

A daughter has narrated a brave incident of how her mother fought off a snake in their toilet. The snake bit the mother but she fought it off and attacked it with a hammer and cutter. Check the post here:

A pizza joint in Auckland is going viral because of their humour. They converted a hole in the men's washroom to piece of art calling it "Fragile Masculinity." The pic is since then going viral. Check the viral picture here:

A fun tweet talking of making out in risky places has got a lot of funny responses. People are sharing the places that they have made out at. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

A heart-warming video of a mother-son duo playing cricket on the street goes viral.Watch Video:

Over hundreds of London residents stripped down to their underpants as they marked the annual celebration of No Trousers Tube Ride over the weekend. Read the entire story here.Check Pics:

A fish weighing 350 pounds was caught off southwest Florida recently.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission took to Facebook saying that the massive Warsaw Grouper was caught by a fisherman using the hook and line method in southwest Florida on December 29.Check Out The Pictures Below:

In a bizarre incident, a man broke into Taco Bell on Christmas and cooked meal for himself. He then proceeded to sleep on the floor and eating. The incident has gone viral and now the police have asked the public's help in identifying the man.

On Monday morning, people have taken to the internet sharing motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes with the hashtags, #mondaythoughts, #MondayMotivation and #MondayMorning.Check Out The Tweets Below:


On the occasion of the Punjabi folk festival, Lohri, people have taken to Twitter sending wishes and greetings. Twitterati is sending #HappyLohri wishes on social media platforms.Check Out The Tweets Below:

Happy Lohri!

The weekend has gone away in a whoosh and it's Monday again. Most of you would be drowning in the Monday blues but worry not some netizens are there to help you with some motivation. #MondayMotivation and #MondayMorning are trending with some positive and inspirational quotes today. as we progress through the day, we will try and keep you updated with all the other trending news. Be it funny memes or viral videos, we will try and keep you updated here in this section.

Today marks a very important festive celebration in India, specifically in the Northern regions, where the festival of Lohri is celebrated. It is the harvest festival marked by people of Punjabi and Sikh community. So messages and wishes related to the festival are likely to trend in the early start of the day. It also happens to be the day of Bhogi, which is marked in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. So we will keep you updated on the trending of wishes and messages related to these festivals.

Other than the festive occurrences, which are more of a nation-specific trend, through this section, we will try and cover what is going viral overall, across the borders. And one of the easiest ways to look on that is social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now TikTok are the best ways to keep a tab on all the trends from across the world, related to the social media challenges or viral videos. Netizens also love making memes on anything and everything. Stay tuned to this section to get a rough idea about what is trending where, be it funny tweets, viral news, funny memes and viral videos.