From Graveyard to Classroom, Viral Tweet Prompts Netizens to Discuss Risky Places They've Made Out At (Check Funny Responses)
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Gone are the days when people were shy to talk about or divulge into personal life details. Now with broadening minds, people are open to talk about it even in public. A fun tweet talking of making out in risky places has got a lot of funny responses. People are sharing the places that they have made out at. While some seem to be quiet common, like washroom and elevators, few people had some weird responses and experiences. Funnier are the ones, who have never made out as yet and were responding to all the comments. Delhi Couple Caught Making Out on Bike in Rajouri Garden; IPS Shares Video, Asks For New Traffic Regulations.

Not to forget, several couples making out in public have been exposed and taken action against in the country. A Twitter user @baskehdiya tweeted how making out in risky places is "greater than" (better than) that in a comfort zone. Soon as more and more people joined in to share the places they have made out at, the tweet became viral. Mall washrooms, changing rooms, back of a car, elevators were some of the common answers. Netizens Are Replacing Dil With D**k in Hindi Songs And The Results Are Hilarious… If You Have a Dirty Mind.

Check the Viral Tweet Here:

Classroom Memories for Many

Fire Exits for Inner Fire!

Among the Dead?

Someone Got More Than Just Pizza!

Umm Stinky!

Nothing Bothers

This One Wins!

The Responses Have Got Some People Like...

Such fun tweets keep coming up every few days on this microblogging platform and soon evolve into a trend. This also reminds us of the time when a Twitter user revealed that she has kissed a stranger at Eiffel Tower for a picture and many others joined in. It became a viral Twitter thread where many others revealed they have resorted to this technique.