It is Kim Nam-joon, better known as RM's birthday today and wishes pour in for the leader of the South Korean boy group BTS.

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The iPhone 11 camera is said to have a pet portrait feature. So if you have struggling to take pictures of your pets, then buying an iPhone 11 may ease it a bit. Read the entire story here.

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A picture of two horses kissing each other was shared online. While such moments are indeed rare to be rightly-timed, a user's comment on the same just adds perfection to it. Calling it a "stable relationship", the picture has become a meme in itself.

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Video footage has been going viral which shows a sailing boat having a very close encounter with a whale. Passengers aboard the San Francisco Whale Tours got a very close view of the marine animal as a humpback whale jumped aside from the boat. Thankfully, no one was injured but the video is quite thrilling.

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The internet is buzzing with iPhone 11 memes and jokes since last night. Now a funny video of a man riding a bicycle but actually has one tyre of a scooter is shared online. The caption says, "iPhone cover on a Xiaomi phone," and it makes it funnier. The video is going viral on social media. 

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It has been 18 years since the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States of America. People across the world continues to mourn thousands of innocent lives lost during the evil attack. India's Padma Shri awardee, Sudarsan Pattnaik honoured the victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks with a moving sand art at Puri beach, Odisha.

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The recent trend is witnessing TikTok users glueing their upper lips, well, to make them look fuller. The videos are going viral insanely. It shows the internet’s obsession with big lips, if they are not blessed with them naturally. Read the full story here.

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The Zoological Wildlife Foundation has always shared some adorable moments of its rescued animals, engaged in their playful time. Among all the animals, baby chimp, Limbani is the most popular one, for creating some adorable moments. Anything the tiny one does, goes crazy viral online. Now the chimpanzee which has turned three-year-old is captured having fun while twirling with a zoo keeper. And the internet is in love with Limbani's cuteness.

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This is an embarrassing moment caught on porch camera in West Valley, Utah. The man's shorts fell down as he arrived at the spot to appraise an attic. The homeowner was quoted in media reports as saying, "I asked him, 'How is business going?' and he replied, 'It's going slowly,' and down came the shorts, pretty fast." The hilarious clip is going viral on social media.

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A video of school children embracing their three-year-old classmate has gone viral on social media. The kids were welcoming their friend who had just returned to school after being stuck in the Bahamas during Hurricane Dorian.

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If the midweek blues are hitting you, then netizens are sharing their daily dose of positive thoughts and quotes on social media. So this morning, #WednesdayWisdom, #WednesdayThoughts and #WednesdayMotivation are the top trends on Twitter. Thanks to the internet, all the trends have a global reach. So whatever trends throughout the day, we will try and keep you updated here. This section will list down the funny memes, viral videos and trending topics for the day.

September 11 marks the anniversary of the tragic incident of 9/11 terror attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in United States. These terror attacks on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 claimed close to 3,000 lives and damage of $10 billion in infrastructure. The attacks shook the entire world. On the 19th anniversary, people are sharing condolence and memorial messages to remember the unfortunate victims.

The reach of the internet is so crazy that anything that trends in one part of the world, takes little time to reach others. So viral videos, social media challenges and funny memes also start trending all over. Be it the simplest of animals doing silliest things or an optical illusion confusing the netizens, we will try and some cover of the fun aspects here. If any of the news too gets funny reactions, we will bring them to you. So stay tuned with us as we keep you updated with funny memes, viral videos and trending topics of the day.