A woman in Ireland pretended to choke on glass pieces in a restaurant claiming that she found the glass pieces in her food. But a CCTV footage has revealed the truth of her willingly putting glass pieces and then pretending to choke. Read the story here.  

A video of a flight attendant's funny expressions while demonstrating safety instructions has gone viral on social media. The clip is being shared widely on social media with internet users saying that the should be an actor.Watch the video below:

After two barrel houses at a Jim Beam facility in Kentucky went caught fire on Tuesday,  half of the Kentucky River has turned brown in colour. Read the entire story here.Here is a photo of the Kentucky River:

The 87-year-old Team India fan who went viral on social media, has been featured on Amul's topical ad. Pictures of Charulata Patel with Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli had made way into the heart of Indian cricketing fans. Read the entire story here.

The famous crocodile hunter Steve Irwin's son Robert has recreated an iconic picture of his father. As the photo went viral, the internet couldn't hold back their tears seeing the son following the father's footsteps. Read the entire story here.

In a disgusted attempt, a woman has been filmed licking the Blue Bell Creameries ice cream from a tub and keeping it back in the freezer. After the video went viral, people online and Texas Police are looking for her, to confront tampering charges on Food products. Read full story here.Watch the Viral Video

Beginning each day with a motivational hashtag is a tradition on Twitter. Just like any other day, today, #ThursdayThoughts are trending on the social media platform. People are sharing some inspiring and creative quotes to begin their day. Check the tweets below:Shaping Minds!

Always!You Can't Miss This Adorable VideoDevotees in India Celebrates Rath Yatra Today

In an adorable incident, a lesbian penguin couple is all set for parenting, after the aquarium authorities at Sea Life in London allowed them to adopt eggs. The two female Gentoo penguins, Marama and Rocky, have now welcomed their baby chicks after proving to the aquarium officials that they would be amazing parents. Read full story here.Meet the New Mummies

The lovable dogs, once again became the victim of innocent tricks, by their owners. Invisible Challenge involve humans who spread clear plastic wrap across the doorway and wheedle their pups into running face-first to the invisible wall. The purpose of the prank varies, with some people fooling their loyal pets, others trying to understand if their dogs are actually smart enough to figure out, how to overcome such an obstacle. Read full story here.You Will Have to Watch Till the End

BamboozledSmart Girl!

The 142nd Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra coincides with the Rath Yatra in Puri and will begin in a few minutes from now. On the auspicious occasion, sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created a beautiful art piece at the Puri beach to the Lord Jagannath, his brother and sister. The preparations and tight security are already in place as the city will host its 15-day long festival, Nabajouban Darshan. Watch live streaming of the Jagannath Rath Yatra from Puri, by clicking hereView Pic of the Sand Art

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With the beginning of the day, comes some motivational hashtags and images to keep up the spirit high. Last night, people online went crazy after WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were not responding. They were doubting if the apps were reasonable down or it is their WiFi showing trouble. It was a big example, of how our life can halt, if these applications for a while do not respond. To overcome the last night’s struggle, people online are sharing inspirational lines, pics and viral video, along with the hashtag, #ThursdayThoughts and #ThursdayMotivation. We promise you to bring the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day that netizens are and will be sharing in the coming hours today, July 4. Twitterati Share Funny Memes While Waiting For The Facebook-Owned Apps To Restore. 

The Internet has made our life much easier and we cannot imagine, even an hour without it. From news to politics to entertainment, you name it, everything makes their way to social media. And Twitter is the primary source of information. Since morning, good Thursday quotes are being shared online. The weekend is just one more day away from today, and hence we need some push together to begin the day. Besides, in India, #SwamiVivekananda is on the top trend as it is the philosopher’s death anniversary. People are sharing warm greetings and powerful quotes, while paying tributes to him.

Again, information related to Mumbai Rains keeps updating online for the citizens to know, the present weather situation. Since the past few days, the city has faced severe rainfall which caused major destruction and deaths. The clouds are showing mercy since today morning. Let us hope that the day turns out smoothly. Watch out this space to stay updated and notified with everything happening on social media.