TikTok videos are quiet stupid and funny sometimes. But a girl has made a TikTok video that sees an unknown shadow walking at the back. She shared the video on Twitter and asked netizens to help her. Her appeal to make the video viral has worked as it has garnered over 7 million views.Check the TikTok Video Here:

October 6 marks the celebration of National Noodle Day in some parts of the US. It is a fun holiday which will definitely be loved by those who like noodles. Netizens have taken to Twitter to share some pics and GIFs of enjoying eating noodles.Check some tweets on National Noodle Day:

One shouldn't really take a chance with teasing animals. A video of a rhino chasing down a biker has been shared online and is going viral. It is not clear from where it is but the rhino speeds too fast behind the bikers. Onlookers are seen watching in shock as the heavy animal chases them down. The video is going viral on Twitter.Watch the video here:

The robot revolution is not here yet. A Twitter user posted a conversation between him and his dentist which looks like a robot replied to him asking for a bill. The man was shook for a moment when he read the text which seemed like an automated reply. The tweet is now going viral with over 85,000 likes.Check the viral tweet here:

A rather scary video has been shared online which shows a dog walker getting struck by lightning. A man from Texas was walking the dogs when a white flash struck his feet. He fell down and the dogs scurried away. But a passerby managed to come and save him. The video was captured on a surveillance camera and it is quite scary.Watch the video here:

Last year, a video of a father and his baby daughter lip syncing the popular song Girls Like You went viral. The cute video had chared millions and today, exactly a year later they are back with another video on the same song. The audience are once again loving this sequel.Watch the video here:

A Twitter user shared a picture of using a hanger to clip curtains in the room. It has inspired netizens to share some of the best hacks about staying in a hotel room. Right from using the TV remote to using hair clips as a holder for wires the twitter thread is very useful for every traveller.Here Is The Tweet:

Popular sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik took to Twitter wishing Durgashtami with a sand art of Maa Durga and portraying plastic as the demon that needs to be killed. The creative artwork was appreciated by social media users.Sudarsan Pattnaik's Durgashtami Sand Art With a Message on Plastic Pollution:

A 21-year-old man has been jailed for 10 years for oversleeping and missing his jury duty. Deandre Somerville, from West Palm Beach in Florida who serves as a juror on a civil case, woke up after 11 am while he was supposed to arrive in court at 9 am.

A video of Prince George was spotted jumping in joy while enjoying his first-ever Aston Villa match. The six-year-old was in Norwich City at Carrow Road alongside his parents, Prince William and Kate, and younger sister Princess Charlotte.Watch The Video Here:

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Its a day to rest and relax as it is Sunday. But not everyone may be able to relax and rest all day as they may have some plans or work to finish. For them, Sunday Motivation is being shared online. #SundayThoughts and #SundayMotivation are among the top trending things on Twitter. Throughout the day we will keep you updated with all those trends, funny videos, GIFs or memes that are being shared online and going viral.

October 6 marks a very important festive day in India. It is the day of Maha Ashtami of Durga Puja, which is celebrated widely by Bengalis. So Ashtami messages and pictures are likely to trend on social media. There are also some smaller celebrations in the US like National Noodle Day and National Orange Wine Day today. So if something on these topics also trends we will keep you updated.

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