UFO Spotted Near PM Narendra Modi's House, Security Finds Nothing But Twitterati Has Funny Speculations!
UFO spotted at Narendra Modi's residence (Photo credits: Pixabay/PhotoVision and PTI)

It what may sound totally bizarre there were reports about UFO sighting near Prime Minister Narendra Modi's residence a week ago. Certain 'unidentified objects' were seen hovering at Lok Kalyan Marg on 7 June, despite a 2km radius being a no-fly zone. It raised security concerns but the officials found nothing, putting all speculations to rest. But people on social media were amused with these reports and had many speculations to offer, needless to say, humour induced.

The Delhi Police even confirmed about the sighting but not many details about the same. "The sighting was reported but nothing threatening was found. More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind," Dependra Pathak police spokesperson said. Another senior police official expressed it might have been a drone while security personnel still remain clueless. Whatever the object may be Twitter users found some funniest theories. Have a look.

Was it Achhe Din?

It was an invitation from foreign lands

They need fitness lessons from Modi

Or what if it was Modi itself?

Aren't these funny? The report of sightings raised security alarms everwhere including Delhi Air Traffic Control (ATC), which was put on high alert. UFO or not, the serious security issue was treated with much fun and jokes on social media.