Viral Videos of the Week: From Venice Floods to Judge Holding Baby During Mom’s Swearing-In As Attorney, Watch 5 Clips That Captured Internet’s Attention
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It is that time of the week again, when we all gear up to let out all the stress that we have been carrying the whole time—weekend. We could not have survived yet another tiring week, if it was not for social media. So, like every week, the moment we arrive on Saturday, we take a look back to the time when the viral moments captured our attention. Nothing could beat the cute babies or good doggos and smart cats. The moment you take a look at their innocence, your stress at least for a few seconds seems to go away. Hence, we love to end every week thanking those videos that captivated us. Some were informative; others created an awareness, while the rest just placed a smile on our face. For viral videos of this week, watch the five clips; from Venice flood to mom's swearing-in ceremony to become an attorney as the judge holds her baby that demanded all the attention.

1. Venice Floods:

This year, the Italian city of Venice is witnessing the highest tide in more than 50 years (since the 1960s). The exceptionally intense “acqua alta” (high waters) reportedly peaked at 1.87 meters this week. The state authorities declared an emergency as viral videos show the threatening situation at Venice.

2. Mom Takes Oath to Become Lawyer: 

State Court of Appeals Judge, Richard Dinkins, won hearts online as he decides to carry the kid on the one arm while he reads the oath of admission to the little one’s mother, Juliana Lamar. Shared on Lamar’s Instagram handle, the clip garnered thousands of views after her law school colleague, Sarah Martin re-shared it on Twitter. It is undoubtedly the best video to see going viral on Twitter.

3. Bus Driver Stops to Save Kids Walking Barefoot in Chilling Temperature

A CCTV footage shows a driver pulling over on seeing a boy and girl walking barefoot in the snow by the side of the road. The kind driver gets out and carries the children to the bus. The incident happened at the early hours on November 11, 2019, in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The region was reportedly witnessing -16 degrees Celsius on that day.

4. Potty-Training Toddler:

This kid is mischievous of all. His father Greg continued to ask the two-year-old, if he pooped and he only denied, denied and denied. Wait you didn’t poop?” asked the father to which the toddler, Matt responded, “No, I peed!" His father could not hold back his laughter, and neither can you, once you watch the video.

5. Man Steals Ice Cream on Live TV: 

This was staged, at least that is what the internet is thinking. The moment happened live at America’s National Hockey League (NHL) match between the Carolina Hurricanes and Ottawa Senators. As the man was distracted, looking at his friend’s phone, the other man approaches from behind and lifts the cone and take a giant scoop out of it.

These were the five most watch videos that had gone viral this week. With the ongoing event, we expect more viral moments to surface on social media. Let us wait and see what the upcoming week has to unfold for us. Till then, enjoy the weekend.