Woman With Cancer Who Found Inspiring Message in a Bottle at North Entrance Beach Trying to Track the 5-Year-Old Who Wrote It
The message inside the bottle (Photo credits: Facebook/Laura Bernard)

FInding a message in a bottle can be quiet intriguing. And a woman battling cancer is out to find one sender. Laura Barnard from New South Wales is battling through breast cancer and in all her turmoil, she found a smile when she came across a message in a bottle. Laura went camping with her boyfriend at the North Entrance Beach when she stumbled upon a bottle that had washed up on the shore. Curiously reading through the note inside, she now wants to find out the 5-year-old boy who had sent this message in the sea. Oldest Message in a Bottle Found in Australia, Other Such Interesting Message Mysteries Discovered Around the World. 

The message was written by a boy named Flynn Bettison and it was from the same year. Usually, messages in a bottle are discovered years later, but this one was quick and the kind message from Flynn left a wide smile on Laura's face. The message inside the bottle read, "My name is Flynn Bettison. I am sending this message from Shelly Beach Australia. I hope whom ever finds my message has a wonderful life." For Barnard who is constantly in pain due to her chemotherapy sessions, was brimming with hope and smile when she read it. She thus wants to track down Flynn so that she can return him a message.

Laura Barnard has to undergo another intensive treatment before she is declared cancer-free. She and her boyfriend have seen difficult circumstances during the period and finding this message on the beach caping, made them feel comfortable and happy. Barnard was quoted to the Daily Mail, "It just touched us so much after what me and Mark have been through this year. We wanted to thank him for putting a smile on our faces." She has taken to social media to find out the address of Flynn Bettison so that she can thank the little child for bringing such positivity with a simple message.