‘You’re Gonna Tell Your Kids’ Memes Take Over the Internet! Netizens Recreate History Hilariously and We Can’t Stop Laughing Either
‘You’re Gonna Tell Your Kids’ Memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The internet births some truly hilarious memes and here is one that is weirder than what it might actually seem. People online decided to mislead their kids by giving them an absolute incorrect image of significant historical figures. Fondly named as the “you’re gonna tell your kids,” these memes have taken over the internet and how. The memes are not only limited to the historical figures but also includes some of the influential people we have today. They are a mix of past and present, to mislead the future generation. Aren’t they a little mean? Not for the netizens! Till the time it is light-hearted, and everyone’s funny bones are tickled, people are all okay with the jokes. Looking at the ‘you’re gonna tell your kids’ memes, even we cannot stop laughing, neither you will. Periodic Table Trends in Meme Format! Netizens Use Atomic Numbers of Chemicals to Create Funny Memes And Jokes. 

The viral meme imagines a future without fact-checking, and the results are hilarious AF. For example, Iron Man is not Elon Musk and again, Lana Del Rey, the nostalgia-soaked pop singer is not Jacqueline Kennedy. But that does not stop the netizens from firmly establishing the intention otherwise. The meme originated on Twitter, and the comical misinformation never stopped. And the pairings are pretty funny. ‘Was Invented in…’ Memes Are Getting Funnier! Hilarious Tweets Explaining How Life Used to Be Before Inventions Go Crazy Viral. 

Check Out Some Hilarious Creations:

It is Somewhat Believable!

Oh No! Why?

It is Only Getting Hilarious!


Laughing Out Loud:

Go Ahead!


Why Not:

This Was Missing!

Did you like the inaccurate history lessons? We know, we enjoyed it. If you want to participate in this hilarious meme game too, stress not, as it is extremely easy to duplicate. Pick your favourite historical figure’s name and pair with a pop icon or any random person who is not even close to the same energy. And caption it with “gonna tell my kids this was…!”