28 May, 23:13 (IST)
The IPL 2023 final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans has been postponed to the reserve day, on May 29 due to persistent rainfall in Ahmedabad. However, there remains a rain forecast for tomorrow as well. According to Weather.com, there would be a cloudy sky at the time of the game. What would happen if there's rain on the reserve day as well? Read here.
Expected weather in Ahmedabad at the time of the match (Source: Weather.com)
28 May, 23:00 (IST)

So it is official now. The Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans IPL 2023 final has been shifted to the reserve day (May 29) after rain washed out play on May 28. It had been raining continuously before the toss and although it did stop for a while, it returned again. The tickets for this match would be valid tomorrow as well. 

28 May, 22:34 (IST)

The CSK vs GT IPL 2023 final will be shifted to the reserve day if rainfall does not stop by 11:06 pm IST (Indian Standard Time). The umpires confirmed that the groundsmen would need an hour to drain the ground. The cutoff time for a five-over game is 12:06 AM IST (Indian Standard Time). Also the umpires mentioned that they would look to have the game today only but it all depends on the status of rainfall. 

28 May, 21:34 (IST)

For 19-over per side game cut off time is 9:45 PM. For 17-over per side match cut off time is 10 PM and for 15-over per side, 10:30 PM is the cut off time. Fingers crossed now. Remember there is a reserve day in place as well. Click here for all the related details.

28 May, 21:27 (IST)

Just when things looked good, the rain has returned again. It has been a that kind of night! The players and umpires were out in the middle and now all are heading back. Interestingly, we will start losing overs after 09:35 pm.  And appears it will be the reality now!

28 May, 21:10 (IST)

Finally, the rain has stopped in Ahmedabad! The super-soppers are at work and the groundsmen are at work, draining the water from the outfield. The toss had earlier been delayed due to heavy rainfall. The toss will follow soon and a full game is expected. 

28 May, 20:20 (IST)

Rainfall continues to lash Ahmedabad prior the all-important final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. The match would have a reserve day as well but fans would want the rain to stop so that action is possible on May 28. Fans must note that this match would not have any overs reduced if it starts at 9:35 pm. If play is not possible even then, then the cutoff time for a five-over contest is 12:06 am. Beyond that, we would have a reserve day (May 29). 

28 May, 19:48 (IST)

Some good news finally coming from Ahmedabad, with the rain stopping ahead of the Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans final of IPL 2023. A similar thing had happened last time when Gujarat Titans played Mumbai Indians in Qualifier 2. 

28 May, 19:09 (IST)

Not just rain, but there has reportedly been a hailstorm in the city of Ahmedabad ahead of the IPL 2023 final between Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans match. The toss has already been delayed and at the moment, there is heavy rain in the city. The Narendra Modi Stadium is under covers as well. 

28 May, 19:03 (IST)

Rain has made its presence felt in Ahmedabad, with proceedings in the Chennai Super Kings vs Gujarat Titans match delayed. The toss has been delayed, much like how it was in Qualifier 2 between Gujarat Titans vs Mumbai Indians match. 

After almost two months of cricketing action, the sixteenth edition of the Indian Premier League is set to witness its final clash with Chennai Super Kings taking on defending champions Gujarat Titans. Fans have thronged the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad to watch both these heavyweight sides, which boast some big names, take on each other with the all-important title on the line. Just as the excitement has been hitting the top levels, rain has made its impact felt. This is a sight that fans would not have expected to watch amidst the buzz around the final. What Happens if CSK vs GT IPL 2023 Final Match Is Washed Out Due to Rain in Ahmedabad? Is There Any Reserve Day?.

However, it is not the first time that such a thing has happened this season. Rain had delayed proceedings when Qualifier 2 of the IPL this season was played at this very venue. The rain stayed away though, after a slight delay, with Gujarat Titans punching a ticket to the final at the expense of record champions Mumbai Indians. Fans would expect the sky to go clear as time progresses.

Chennai Super Kings became the first team to qualify for the IPL 2023 final with a win over Gujarat Titans in Qualifier 1. MS Dhoni and his team would hope to pull off another win over the defending champions to claim a record-equalling fifth title. Or would Gujarat Titans usher in a new era of dominance with a second consecutive title? Stay tuned to find out!