119/7 (20.0 ov)ZIM
BAN 120/1 (15.5 ov)
CRR: 7.57 | Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets

BAN beat ZIM by 9 wickets | Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe, Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd T20I Match

Zimbabwe in Bangladesh 2 T20I Series, 2020

Date: Mar 11, 2020 Start Time: 17:30 IST | 12:00 GMT | 18:00 Local
Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd Match - T20I Summary

End of Over : 15.5 BAN: 120/1

That's it from this game and series. Bangladesh were too good for Zimbabwe in all the three formats. They won the only Test comprehensively and then swept the ODI series 3-0 and now, in the T20I series they have completed the Banglawash. That's all we have from Zimbabwe's tour of Bangladesh from our end. For now, it is goodbye from our side.

Bangladesh skipper, Mahmudullah, says that the way they have performed consistently, he is really proud of the team. Praises the performance of Das and tells that he showed consistency and hunger for runs. Tells that debutant Mahmud bowled really well too along with the other bowlers.

Liton Das is named Man of the Match for his excellent knock. He also gets the player of the series as well for twin half tons in both the games. He says that he is very proud of his performance. Says that he has changed his mindset and approach in the recent past. Tells that Tamim Iqbal has helped him a lot with regards to his batting.

Zimbabwe skipper, Sean Williams, says that things didn't go positive but they need to be positive. Feels that things change quickly in the T20Is. Tells that they will go back home and reflect on the things that went wrong in the series. Expresses that even the individuals will have to figure out what they are bringing into the team. Praises Taylor's effort with the bat. Feels that as a senior players, they need to lead from the front.

Earlier in the game, after being asked to bat first, Zimbabwe lost the first wicket early but Taylor and Ervine forged a partnership. However, after Ervine's wicket, none of the other batters could do anything of value. Eventually, Taylor's half ton could only take them to 119. The hosts were superb with the ball throughout as they picked up wickets at regular intervals. Apart from debutant Hasan Mahmud, all the bowlers bagged atleast a wicket to their name. And eventually, the hosts walked the talk with the bat to win the series 2-0. Stay tuned for the presentation...

There is nothing much to talk about the bowling from Zimbabwe. Their batters didn't give them enough runs on the board to defend. However, they would've loved to have 3-4 wickets under their belt but all the three batters were just too good for them as they easily milked them for runs.

Zimbabwe had a very small total to defend and against the in-form Liton Das, it was always going to be a tough ask. Das and Naim stitched a brilliant 77-run opening stand and made sure the visitors didn't even get a sniff in this match. Naim fell but Sarkar joined Das and took the side home without any further damage.

As we said earlier, the way Das has worked in this entire series, this could be a walk in the park for Bangladesh and that's how it turned out. Just 1 wicket lost and Das stays unbeaten on 60 to help the side take the T20I series 2-0.

15.5 1

Chris Mpofu to Soumya Sarkar. Quick single and that is enough for Bangladesh to seal the deal. Shortish and outside off, Sarkar guides it towards point and takes a quick run. Bangladesh win by 9 wickets.

15.4 0

Chris Mpofu to Soumya Sarkar. Full and outside off, Sarkar goes for the drive away from his body to miss out.

15.3 6

Chris Mpofu to Soumya Sarkar. SIX! Short and Sarkar hammers it! Bangladesh just a hit away! Short and on middle, Sarkar goes on the back foot and powers it way over the deep square leg fence for a maximum.

15.2 0

Chris Mpofu to Soumya Sarkar. Short and wide outside off, it is cut towards point where the fielder fumbles but no run taken.

15.1 1

Chris Mpofu to Liton Das. Short and around off, Das pulls it towards deep mid-wicket for a run.

15.1 wd

Chris Mpofu to Liton Das. WIDE! Down the leg side from Mpofu. Das looks to flick but misses. The bowler appeals for the caught behind but the umpire stretches his arms to signal it wide.

End of Over : 15 3 Runs 15.5: 111/1
14.6 1

Sean Williams to Liton Das. On the pads, this time Das works it towards fine leg for a single.

14.5 1

Sean Williams to Soumya Sarkar. On the pads, Sarkar flicks it behind square leg for a single.

14.4 1

Sean Williams to Liton Das. Short and outside off, Das punches it towards sweeper cover for a run.

14.3 0

Sean Williams to Liton Das. Third dot in a row as Das pushes this full ball back to Williams.

14.2 0

Sean Williams to Liton Das. Flatter and on middle, Das tries flicking but ends up getting a leading edge towards the off side.

14.1 0

Sean Williams to Liton Das. Huge appeal for LBW but that looked to be going down the leg side. It is the quicker one from Williams on the pads. Das looks to defend but he misses to get hit on the pads. A huge appeal from the bowler but nothing from the umpire. Zimbabwe have already lost their review.

End of Over : 14 9 Runs 15.5: 108/1
13.6 6

Wesley Madhevere to Soumya Sarkar. SIX! A maximum to end the over! Madhevere drops it short and around off, Sarkar rocks on the back foot and hammers it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. 12 more needed.

13.5 1

Wesley Madhevere to Liton Das. Shortish and just outside off, Das guides it wide of the short third man fielder for a run.

Zimbabwe in Bangladesh 2 T20I Series 2020 - News

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