Apple Pro Display XDR Should Be Cleaned With Special Dry Polishing Cloth Only Says iPhone Maker
Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer (Photo Credits: IANS)

San Francisco, Dec 11: The Apple Pro Display XDR with optional nano texture glass on the top of the line display from the iPhone maker, which costs an additional $1,000, has to be cleaned only with a "dry polishing cloth" that comes with the display and nothing else. The Cupertino-based company has not said why nano-texture Pro Display XDR owners must use the specific type of cloth over another screen cleaner, but it's likely due to how it's made. Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computer Is So Expensive That Brand New BMW Car Will Look More Affordable; Here's Why!

According to an Apple support document, the Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass must be cleaned only with the dry polishing cloth that Apple provides. No water, any other liquid or other cloths should be used to clean it.

If the included dry polishing cloth was lost, Apple Support should be contacted for another cloth, MacRumors reported on Tuesday. However, there is no word on what Apple will be charging for the replacement cleaning cloths.

The company has also provided specific instructions on how to clean the polishing cloth: hand wash it with dish soap and water, rinse it out, and let it air dry for "at least 24 hours."