FaceApp Raises Security Concerns As Russian Aging App Uses Personal Photos to Make You Look Old
FaceApp (Photo Credits: App Store)

FaceApp is another social media craze that is catching up on the internet over the last few days. We have seen several people posting their images that are transformed in older self with the help of the viral application. Essentially, the FaceApp augments user's face to convert user's face by applying aging, glasses and more. Though, people are using this application for fun. Some experts and security researchers have raised privacy concerns. Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan And More Try The FaceApp Age Filter But Netizens Stand By Anil Kapoor's Age-Defying Features!

A developer Joshua Nozzi shared his experience on twitter wherein he mentioned that he witnessed something absurd while using the app for the first time. He mentioned that post granting access to the FaceApp for photos, the images were listed slowly in a row at a time. Speculating a privacy row, the user immediately enabled Airplane mode on his phone and all the images instantly appeared. However, the application didn't allow the user to select or access any images as he was offline. The user also speculated that this could be a sign that the app is uploading the photos of the user.

According to the privacy policy of FaceApp, the application collects the content of the user like photos and other materials that is posted via app. It is speculated that the FaceApp is particularly not uploading all the images but could be using the one that the user wishes to 'Ageify'.

It is important to note that FreeApp is a free download application which is available on App Store. However, it offers several in-app purchases such as frequent subscription for the ‘Pro’ version.

Several viral applications often hide their motives as well as privacy concerns. It is recommended that the users should avoid the apps when they go viral. These app can bring unintended consequences and privacy concerns.