'Flaming Orange' Meteor Spotted in Skies Above Adelaide in Australia (Watch Video)
Meteor (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A meteor is believed to have been sighted in the skies of Adelaide in Australia. Locals were left bewildered on seeing a "flaming orange" light in the northern skies. As per reports, the light was seen moving from West to East about 10:30 pm on Sunday. Local residents said that the object looked as if they were moving slower moving than shooting stars. Social media users expressed amazement on seeing the light and some said that it lasted only for five seconds.

A Facebook user described it as "a large bright green and yellow head trailing yellowtail, which went to a green head only about halfway through its five-second visible burn". It was even spotted in Port Pirie, where the object it was captured on video. ABC quoted Australian National University astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker said that it was not space junk. Brad said, "Most shooting stars are about the size of a grain of sand or a small pebble, so even though this was really bright this probably wouldn't be anything greater than tens of centimetres. There's a good chance that this one, because it was so slow-moving, could have landed somewhere." Mysterious Hole Spotted Above Al Ain Skies in UAE Baffles Locals And Netizens Alike (Watch Video)

Check out the video below:

With the sighting, Adelaide seems to be home to a mission control centre. The city secured hosting rights for the new Australian Space Agency last year. On Monday, the Federal Government announced promising to invest USD 6 million to establish the mission control centre. Brad said, "This will be the first national mission control for the Australian Space Agency. We'll be able to connect and talk to Australian assets in space." Currently, Adelaide-based companies use space technology to monitor water theft and control air traffic with the drones in the airspace. California Sky Witnesses a Mysterious Light; NASA Confirms It to Be a Meteor (See Viral Photos & Videos)

Meanwhile, NASA revealed that last year, a meteor exploded over Earth and the blast was estimated to be 10 times bigger than the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima during the Second World War. The meteor blasted near the Kamchatka Peninsula over the Bering Sea in Russia on December 18 last year.