Mumbai, January 31: In what can be said to be good news for stargazers across the globe, the green comet, which was last seen during the Stone Age about 50,000 years ago, is most likely to be seen once again in the coming month. The green comet will be seen once again after thousands of year when it comes closes to the Earth on February 1.

According to a report in India Today, people across the globe will be be able to witness the unique celestial event when Comet named C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will be visible in the skies above the Earth. If reports are to be believed, the comet will be closest to Earth on Wednesday, February 1. Interestingly, the comet will be visible not only abroad but also across every state of our country.

The green comet is most likely to be visible to the naked eye. Earlier, reports had said that the comet would light up the sky in the last week of January or early February. One of the important characteristic of the comet is the fact that it has a greenish tinge around its nucleus with a tadpole-type tail which extends millions of kilometers in open space. Green Comet, Last Seen During Stone Age Nearly 50,000 Years Ago, To Be Visible to Naked Eye This Month, Lucknow Prepares For Celestial Show.

What Are Comets?

Speaking to news agency IANS, Sumit Srivastava, senior scientific officer of Indira Gandhi planetarium said, "Comets are cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, rock, and dust that look like a bright star with a tail, moving around the sun as planets do. Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) will be closest to the Earth's orbit in January last week and will continue to be visible for around a week till early February."

Experts say that the comet will be at a distance of 42 million kilometers from the Earth, which is a very small distance for the green comet. What makes the celestial event unique is that the next comet that will be visible to humans will be after another 50,000 years. Green Comet 2023 in India Live Streaming, Date and Time in IST: Know When, Where and How To Watch Rare Green Comet Online.

When and Where To Watch Green Comet 2023 India?

Srivastava said that the comet will be visible across the country unless the weather or pollution plays a spoilsport. However, he also said that people will only be able to see the comet's, which will be visible to the naked eye. One can see a comet using binoculars, which will be moving across the sky.

Astronomers also said that the best time to witness the comet will be during dawn and in the northeast direction. A clear and dark sky is the basic requirement to see the comet this year. Some experts also said that the comet is likely to be visible after 9:30 pm and will be seen across various parts of the country including northeastern states.

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