Eid al-Ghadir 2024: Know Date, History and Significance of the Festival Observed by Shi’ite Muslims Annually

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Eid al-Ghadir is an annual commemoration marked by Shia Muslims. The festival marks the occasion when the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, Ali ibn Abi Talib, was appointed as a leader and religious authority after Prophet. As per Shia hadiths, this Eid has been named "Eid-e Bozorg-e Elāhi" which roughly translates to the greatest divine Eid. On this special day, people get together to celebrate and bless the younger people amongst friends and families. Celebration of Eid al-Ghadir is a grand commemoration marked in many places in India. The festival is observed in various countries like Iran, India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, UAE, Yemen, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Bahrain & Syria.

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