Jeff Bezos To Fly In To Space On Blue Origin's New Shepherd Spacecraft In July

WORLD Team Latestly|

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos & his brother will join the winner of an online auction aboard Blue Origin's New Shepherd spacecraft on its first human space flight. The spacecraft will ferry its first astronaut crew on July 20. Blue Origin, Bezos' spacecraft company, had opened an online auction where anyone could place an opening bid for a seat on New Shepherd. Sealed online bidding was carried out during May 5-19, while unsealed online bidding happened on May 19. The last stage is a live auction scheduled to take place on June 12. The winning bidder will take a sightseeing trip aboard on the New Shepherd with Bezos and his brother. This will mark a significant step ahead in commercial space sector, where Bezos is competing with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Watch the video to know more.

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