Rahul Gandhi Talks Women Empowerment During Kerala Visit, Teaches Aikido To Students

INDIA Team Latestly|

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi turned a martial art instructor on March 22 during his visit to a college in Kerala on the request of a student. The 50-year-old Wayanad MP, who is trained in the Japanese martial art Aikido, took a bunch of students on stage at St Theresa's College & showed them a 'principle' of the art. For around 10 minutes, the stage turned to a 'dojo' where Gandhi demonstrated how one woman can resist being pushed by some seven others by using their energy to hold the ground. He helped the young woman get her posture correct & showed her the technique of the Aikido principle. He sat with her on the stage demonstrating what she had to do. He compared her to his party, apparently referring to the many hurdles Congress faces from other parties. After the demonstration, the former Congress chief also said women are way more powerful than men.

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