Dubai Court Charges Indian Man for Groping Woman Walking Alone at Night
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Dubai, Sep 25: A Dubai court has charged an Indian man with groping a woman while she was walking late at night. Prosecutors on Monday accused the 30-year-old man, a driver, of taking the Filipina woman by surprise, inappropriately touching her and then fleeing the scene, reports the Khaleej Times. The man denied the charge, claiming that he touched her by mistake. The complainant, a 25-year-old waitress, told the prosecution that she did not know the suspect prior to the incident. "It was at 1.20 a.m. on August 3. I was near a restaurant and was about to go to a supermarket. My friend was with me. There were five to six men coming in the opposite way. One of them groped me intentionally. I yelled at him but he then replied in a very abusive and vulgar manner." Dubai Court Charges 30-Year-Old Indian Man for Abusing Ex-Female Employer.

He did not just ignore her screams for help but also laughed and continued his way. "I followed them and kept screaming until an African man came and restrained the defendant," the complainant said. A ruling will be pronounced on October 11.