New York, July 7: Rumours of US President Joe Biden suffering from Parkinson's disease are rife after a report surfaced showing visits by the subject matter expert to the White House. The report is based on White House logs and comes amid questions about Biden's leadership and his advanced age ahead of the US Presidential Election 2024.

According to recent revelations from visitor logs reviewed by the New York Post, a prominent neurologist from Washington, D.C., visited the White House earlier this year to meet with President Biden's personal doctor. Dr Kevin Cannard, an esteemed expert on Parkinson’s disease at Walter Reed Medical Center, convened with Dr Kevin O’Connor and two others at the White House residence clinic on January 17, as documented in the records. Dr John E. Atwood, a cardiologist also from Walter Reed, was among those present during the 5 pm meeting, as indicated by the White House visitor logs. Joe Biden Had Medical Emergency on Air Force One? White House Denies Reports, Video of US President Walking Fine After Landing in Delaware Surfaces.

The purpose of the meeting remains undisclosed for the fourth participant, whose identity has yet to be confirmed in the logs from that day. President Biden was actively engaged at the White House, hosting congressional leaders from both the House and Senate to discuss increased funding for Ukraine, as per his official schedule.

Dr Cannard has served at Walter Reed for nearly two decades, specialising in Parkinson’s disease and serving since 2012 as the neurology specialist supporting the White House Medical Unit. His latest scholarly contribution, focusing on early-stage aspects of the condition, was published in August 2023 in the journal Parkinsonism & Related Disorders. Joe Biden’s Latest Gaffe: US President Says He’s ‘Staying in the Race’, Vows To Beat Donald Trump ‘Again in 2020’ (Watch Video).

According to Rep Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), former physician to Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, a recent meeting between Dr Kevin O'Connor and neurologist Dr Kevin Cannard at the White House likely centred around President Biden's health. Dr. O'Connor, who has served as Biden's personal physician since January 2021, is responsible for the president's medical care and maintains daily contact with him.

During Biden's annual physical in February, which included a neurological examination, Dr O'Connor confirmed that the president did not show signs of Parkinson’s disease, addressing prior speculations within the medical community. Dr O'Connor is noted for his role in ensuring the president's daily health, even stating to a trade publication that a key part of his job is starting each day with a positive greeting for Biden.

What is Parkinson's Disease? Its Symptoms and Treatment?

Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurological disorder that primarily affects movement. It is characterised by symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, slowness of movement (bradykinesia), and impaired balance and coordination. The exact cause of Parkinson's disease is unknown, but it involves the gradual breakdown or death of neurons in the brain that produce dopamine. While there is no cure, treatments like medications (e.g., Levodopa) and surgical procedures (e.g., deep brain stimulation) can help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kansas), who is also a physician, expressed concerns about Biden's health, echoing previous suspicions within the medical community regarding Parkinson’s disease. "If the president of the United States is among them, the American people deserve to know before voting in November," Marshall commented to The Post, referring to the upcoming election. Both Dr Kevin Cannard and Dr John E. Atwood, who was involved in the White House meeting, declined to provide further details or comments on the matter.

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