Narendra Modi Should Talk About Sindh at UN Speech, Says Munawar Laghari of Sindhi Foundation
Munawar Laghari, the Executive director of Sindhi Foundation (Photo Credits: ANI)

Washington, September 17: Munawar Laghari, Executive director of Sindhi Foundation said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits United Nations, he must mention about Sindh. According to an ANI tweet, he said, "India got its name from Sindh and a lot of Sindhis are living in India. At least he can talk about human rights, and about religious freedom in Sindh." Howdy, Modi Event: PM Narendra Modi Tweets Saying US President Donald Trump's 'Special Gesture' of Offering to Join Him in Houston Highlights Strong India-US Ties.

Laghari further added, "The difficulty in Sindh is the fear and the most difficult challenge is to overcome that fear. This cannot be overcome inside Sindh, so the only hope is outside. And my emphasis is on the United Nations and countries like the US."

Check ANI tweet:

On September 22, US President Donald Trump will join PM Narendra Modi in addressing over 50,000 Indian-Americans at Houston during the Howdy, Modi event. The Houston event will be PM Modi's third major address to the Indian-American community after he became the Prime Minister in 2014. The other two were at New York's Madison Square Garden in 2014 and the Silicon Valley in 2016. The September 22 event is the first event when these two world leaders will be addressing a joint rally.