NFL National Anthem Protest: Miami Dolphins Players Raise Fists, Kneel, Walks Out Before NFL Preseason Opener 2018
NFL National Anthem ProtesT (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Since 2016, some United States Athletes have silently protested alleged police brutality and racial inequality during the country’s national anthem. On Thursday once again, the National Football League (NFL), witnessed five players expressing their protest during the playing of America’s national anthem. During the anthem on August 9, two Miami Dolphins continued to kneel before the preseason opener against Tampa Bay Bucs. Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson appeared to kneel on the sideline before the game. Defensive end Robert Quinn mounted a separate protest by holding his right fist high up to the air and shaking his head at Hard Rock stadium. Meanwhile, Seahawks defensive linesmen Duane Brown chose to leave the field before the beginning of the national anthem, following team introductions. Miami Cheerleader Bullied for Being a Virgin, Files Complaint Against Miami Dolphins & NFL. 

They only returned when it was over. Wilson was quoted in the Miami Herald, “It was something I was going to do regardless if he was there or not. But to have somebody as passionate about the situation as I am is great that we can do it together.” Stills have been using the moment to protest against the police brutality and racial inequality in the same manner over the past two seasons. As planned it might seem, Stills and Wilson both confirmed that it just happened, not any strategy to kneel side by side.

Stills said, “If you guys pay attention, most of the time I’m praying. I thank God for having Albert next to me. Being a part of this protest hasn’t been easy. I thought I was going to be by myself out there, and today I had an angel with me with Albert being out there. I’m grateful that he sees what’s happening and he wants to do something about it as well.”

The kneeling protest was sparked by Colin Kaepernick, 49ers Quarterback San Francisco, nearly two years ago as a demonstration against social injustice. It has generated a mixed reaction. Some described it as politically urgent, patriotic and others have called the protests unpatriotic and disrespectful of the U.S flag, it’s national anthem, the police and the military. In the wake of comments made by the U.S. President Donald Trump accusing players of disrespecting the American flag. President Trump last month said that those who keel twice should be banned from playing the season.