Public Breastfeeding is Finally Legal in All States of US and Twitterati is Shocked Why it Took So Long!
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All the 50 states now legally allow breastfeeding in public. The states of Utah and Idaho recently joined the rest of the country to protect the breastfeeding mothers from the charges of indecency charges and levying fines. While breastfeeding seems something so basic, it is shocking that it took so many years for it to get a legal protection. The question arises is if something so important and basic requires a legislation? Many countries including Australia and UK have been providing legal protection to its mothers from years ago.

Australia had breastfeeding in public legal since the year 1984 and the UK from 2010, while the US which too ranks in the developed countries, took too long to legalise it in all the states. The bill in Idaho was passed unanimously, 66-0, in March but it came into effect just two weeks ago. The bill was introduced by a Republican state representative who is also a father to a five-month-old child.   While passing it in Utah had some resistance. A state representative who had voted against it was quoted, "This seems to say you don't have to cover up at all. [I'm] not comfortable with that at all, I'm just not. It's really in your face." Hockey Player Breastfeeding Her Baby During Game Break Garners Both Positive And Negative Views.

The state of New York has been asked to have breastfeeding rooms in all the state buildings open to the public from next year. But the subject of breastfeeding in public has been under objection regards to 'modesty.' It also said that because there are less women to represent in the state legislators. Women could not even breastfeed in the US Senate and House floors. Chrissy Teigen Gets Slammed for Sharing Breastfeeding Picture; Gives It Back to Social Media Trolls With Snarky Replies.

This move has come in finally and people on social are just as shocked that it took long. Most of them are resonating with the idea that it was about time for the legalisation to come in.

Take a look at some of the reactions on Twitter:

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It is 2018!

Not a priority?

Why illegal?

Well, it is indeed sad that it took so long for the US to legalise on something so basic citing reasons of modesty. What do you think about this legislation? Do let us know your views in the comments section.