Washington, October 19: With less than a fortnight remaining for the day of in-person voting, pre-poll agencies are largely predicting a victory for Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden in the US presidential elections 2020. The former Vice President has maintained a consistent lead of nearly 10 points among the "decided voters", even as nearly 16 percent of votes have already been cast. US Senate Elections 2020: How Numbers Are Stacked Up? Can Democrats Gain Control of Upper Chamber of Congress?

According to FiveThirtyEight Poll RatingsBiden enjoys a probability of 88 out of 100 to defeat President Donald Trump. The latter holds only 12 percent chances of retaining his presidency, said the poll tracker whose prediction is based upon the inputs received from around a dozen major research groups.

The ratings agency has claimed that a 96 percent chance exists that Biden would win the popular vote. The tracker has also brushed aside the possibility of a 2016-like situation, when Trump had lost the popular vote count to Hillary Clinton but ended up winning the presidency due to the electoral college votes.

As per the tracker, the chances of such an outcome is highly diminished. As per the trends which have emerged so far, Biden is enroute to win 347 out of the 538 electoral votes, way higher than the 270 required. The forecast is based upon on an aggregate of nearly 4,000 simulations of all possibilities based on the data collected from research groups so far.

Even as the prospects of a Biden presidency appear strong, Trump is fighting hard to rejuvenate his campaign. The President is addressing rallies on daily-basis, and has thrusted the force of his campaign in the swing states in order to repeat a 2016-like victory. During the campaign trail last week, Trump said he can sense the "real poll" which is predicting a "red wave" in Florida and other major battleground states.

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