Watch Video of Thai Cave Boys Saying ‘Thank You’ From the Hospital to All the Supporters
Thai boys expressing gratefulness in new video (Photo credits: YouTube grab)

The rescue of Thai football team Wild Boars of 12 boys and their coach from The Tham Luang Caves had gripped the attention of people all over the world. Prayers for the safety and good health of these 13 boys were flowing in from not only Thailand but all over the world. Experts from different countries contributed in undertaking the mammoth rescue operation which lasted for over 3 days for the final phase-wise evacuation. All the boys were attended by medical facility and taken to the hospital for examination. All the boys are currently recovering in the hospital after the 18-day ordeal and will be discharged next week. A video has been released of the 12 boys since their rescue and they have gratefulness for everyone. The video shows the boys saying 'Thank you' to everyone who offered their support during the entire period. Watch First Video of Thai Boys Who Were Rescued From Tham Luang Cave Complex on Tuesday.

A video of the boys was released at the news conference which shows all of them wearing surgical masks, greeting in the Thai language with their hands raised to their chests and thanking everyone for their support. Public Health Minister Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsattayatorn, led the news conference at Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital and informed about the health of these boys. He said all 13 boys will be discharged from the hospital on Thursday. "All of the 13 people, their physical bodies are strong and fit. Regarding infections, through the medical evaluations in the first days there may be some of them that had minor pneumonia, but now all is cleared, no fever," he informed. The coach, Ekapol Chanthawong was instrumental in keeping the boys calm and healthy inside the cave.

Check out the video of the Thai boys from the hospital saying 'Thank You':

The boys appear healthy, dressed in clean hospital gowns. In the video, they talk about their health condition and how they are longing to eat their favourite food. One of the boys said they are looking forward to gorging on pork ― slow-cooked with rice, fried or roasted ― along with sushi, steak. They all are expressing gratitude for the support they got all over. They boys earlier won hearts when they wrote notes to their families asking not to worry as they are safe inside.

They appear smiling and laughing and it a good feeling to watch them all recovering so fine.  The boys have faced immense trauma, fear and a near-death encounter in the last few days. Meanwhile, the officials are also working on preparing the boys to deal with the media attention they will hugely receive once they leave the hospital.