Bigg Boss Marathi Weekend Cha Daav Elimination: Rajesh Shringarure Is Out; Resham Tipnis Hugs and Kisses Him!
Bigg Boss Marathi Rajesh Shringarpure (Image Credit: Stock Images)

Nako Jaoos, please! (Don't go, please) cries Resham Tipnis as Rajesh Shringarpure walks out of the glass-walled house. This was certainly not expected. When Mahesh Manjrekar made Jui Gadkari and Resham Tipnis stand for the final call, Bigg Boss Marathi fans thought that Jui might be evicted. Resham Tipnis is garnering much-needed eyeballs and the TRP's with her ultra-annoying behaviour. So it was highly unlikely that she would be thrown out of the house!

Manjrekar stunned the audience by declaring this-Both Jui and Resham are safe. Right after that announcement, Manjrekar had one more declaration to make-Rajesh you are out. Your journey ends here! What followed after that was worth a watch. All the drama starts unfolding. Everybody started crying. Resham started crying like a baby. She even planted a quick kiss on Rajesh's cheek and hugged him tightly.

Host Manjrekar called him out. Rajesh came out of the house and made an entry on the sets. Mahesh Manjrekar did not mince his words and stated very clearly that it was his romantic affair with Resham Tipnis did cost him dearly. Manjrekar also added that Marathi audiences did not like this open display of emotions and of intimacy. From sharing the bed with Resham to PDA everything worked against him. Manjrekar also said that this show is being watched by kids and what these lovebirds were doing was highly inappropriate.

Manjrekar even asked Rajesh if he would allow his daughter to watch such intimacy on TV! Resham was allowed to convey what she felt for Rajesh. She openly confessed her love for Rajesh. I will miss you, and I love You! she said. Rajesh too reciprocated with the mandatory I love you too! He also stated that he would want Resham to win the trophy and win this season of Bigg Boss Marathi. Clearly, Rajesh could not take advantage of agyaattwaas and one mistake of his worked against him.