Did You Know Govinda Turned Down Taal and Devdas? Here’s Why

Govinda is all set to return to the silver screen after several failed attempts with Abhishek Dogra's FryDay. The actor seems to be in a happy space as the film is a comedy and has the actor in the lead role. However, there were films that Govinda had  turned down a few years ago that went on to become massive hits. In a recent interview when Chi Chi was asked why he rejected Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas that featured Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit Nene and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The actor did not just reveal his reasons for not doing the movie, but also talked about another hit film that he had turned down during those days. Apparently, Govinda was approached for Anil Kapoor's role in Taal. The Kill Dil actor however felt that these characters were not fit for him and was unsure about them.

During a candid chat with Film Campanion's Anupama Chopra Govinda said, " Jis waqt maine woh film (Devdas) refuse ki thi, uss waqt maine Taal bhi refuse ki thi. Yeh do jo hai desh ke mahaan shaksiyaton mein se character hai. Parantu main uss waqt top pe thaa aur mujhe aisa lagaa pataa nahi accept hounga  kya?" (Translation: When I had turned down Devdas, I had also refused Taal. Both the characters went on to become hits, but I was on top of my game then and I didn't know if people would accept me in a character role?)

The actor then went on to elaborate why he didn't feel like playing a second fiddle to SRK in Devdas and voiced his apprehensions, "Maine kaha, mujhe har waqt sochna padega ki main Chunnilal ka kirdaar play kar raha hu. Phir woh mujhse irritate ho jayenge ki Govinda kitne sawaal poochta hai. Mujhe achcha lagtaa hai samaa baandne mein. Yaad rahega logon ko aur kahe kam se kum iske taraf se yeh imaandaar hai. Meri imaadari per kabhi sawaal nahi utha." (Translation: I thought to myself that I'd have to keep reminding myself that I was playing Chunnilal in the movie. And I would ask multiple questions that could upset the makers. I like to get into the skin of the characters and understand the situations around them, they make my characters memorable. If nothing else, the audience at least would know that I've played my part honestly. I wouldn't want anybody to suspect my honesty towards my work.) Also watch: Ranveer Singh Is Crying After Watching Govinda Go Gaga About Him 

Well, both the characters went on to become memorable roles in the careers of Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor. But looks like Hero No.1 Govinda has no regrets what-so-ever.

Govinda and Varun Sharma starrer FryDay will be hitting the screens this Friday on October 12. Watch this space for the movie review.