Godfrey Gao, Taiwanese Model-Actor Dies at the Age of 35 After Collapsing on the Set in China
Godfrey Gao (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor Godfrey Gao has died after collapsing on the set while filming a variety show in China. He was 35. He was a guest participant on TV, a reality TV show that sees teams competing to win a race, reports bbc.com. The show's producers said he fell and lost consciousness while running in a team event and died at a hospital. In 2011, Gao was the first Asian male model to be signed to luxury brand Louis Vuitton's ad campaign. He made his mark in Hollywood, appearing in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, an action film based on a popular series of novels. He also became a popular name in China after he starred in popular TV drama "Remembering Lichuan". Jane Galloway Heitz, Glee and The Big Bang Theory Actress Dies at 78.

The Vancouver-raised Gao collapsed midway through filming on Wednesday. According to Chinese news media outlets, he collapsed at around 02:00 local time (18:00 GMT Tuesday). "Guest participant Godfrey suddenly collapsed to the ground while running. The programme's on-site paramedics began lifesaving measures immediately and urgently transported him to the hospital," the management behind "Chase Me" said in a statement. "After two hours of all-out efforts to save him, the hospital (said) he had suffered a sudden cardiac death." Branko Lustig, Schindler’s List Producer and a World War II Prisoner Dies at 87.

Fans have been posting messages on social media in remembrance of the actor. "I've followed you for years and loved your work," said a fan on Twitter. "I can't believe you're gone. Rest in paradise." Australian actor Remy Hii, who starred in action-film "Spider-Man: Far From Home", said the Asian artistic community would not be "the same without him". "Chase Me" features contestants working their way through a series of obstacle courses designed to test them physically. Previous episodes feature the challenges taking place at night in an urban race type setting.

In one episode, contestants have to climb up a high office building and zipline down. According to a report by broadcaster Phoenix TV, the show is designed to push contestants to their physical limits and typically only those in good shape are invited to participate. The production company said everyone involved felt "incomparable pain" and that they and the family would be jointly organising funeral arrangements.