What A Man Gotta Do or Sucker: Which Song Of The Jonas Brothers Will Be Marked Favourite In Your Playlist? Vote Now
Songs - What A Man Gotta Do and Sucker (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The Jonas Brothers have dropped a new music video titled "What A Man Gotta Do". It features Nick Jonas – Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Joe Jonas – Sophie Turner and Kevin Jonas – Danielle Jonas. In this brand new track you’ll notice that they have recreated some iconic moments from the Hollywood films of the 80s. But what everyone loved about this track is how the Jonas Brothers and their respective wives reunited once again after "Sucker". What A Man Gotta Do Video: Jonas Brothers and J-Sisters Reunite To Give Us a Cute Throwback of Iconic Hollywood Moments and We're Already Playing it On Loop!

The first time that we saw the Jonas Brother and the J-Sisters (Priyanka, Sophie, Danielle) in a music video was in "Sucker". The song released in March 2019 was the American pop rock band’s first single after a gap of almost six years. This song became an instant hit and for the unversed, "Sucker" has been nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.

In the music video "Sucker" we got to watch the Jonas Brothers and J-Sisters in the same frame many-a-times, however, in "What A Man Gotta Do", the three couple are not seen together in one frame, and we miss that. "What A Man Gotta Do" has the all the three pairs sharing a sizzling chemistry, it’s peppy and fun to watch these Jonas’. You’d definitely want to play this song on loop. But which one song out of these two – "Sucker" and "What A Man Gotta Do" – will be marked favourite in your playlist? Jonas Brothers' Comeback Single 'Sucker' Becomes Their First Billboard No 1 Song; Trio React To The Big Moment on Social Media.

Watch The Song Sucker Below:

Watch The Song What A Man Gotta Do Below:

Which Song Of The Jonas Brothers Is Your Favourite?

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The song "What A Man Gotta Do" is the first release of the Jonas’ of 2020. We are looking forward to more exciting music videos from them, just like 2019. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite track!