In a dazzling twist that has ARMY buzzing, BTS’ Jungkook who is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service, has taken the internet by storm—without even being there! How, you ask? Enter the fascinating world of fan edits and digital wizardry. The internet recently exploded with a viral video featuring Jungkook dancing to the infectious beats of Vicky Kaushal’s latest track “Tauba Tauba” from the upcoming film Bad Newz. This Bollywood banger, created in collaboration with Karan Aujla, has already stolen countless hearts. But how did Jungkook end up grooving to it while he is serving in the military? BTS ARMY Day 2024: What Is ARMY Day? What Does ARMY Mean? Here’s All You Need To Know About the K-Pop Fandom of the Bangtan Boys’ Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

The answer lies in the creativity of one Instagram user, Kishan Jhun Jhun Wala. He expertly synced a clip from Jungkook’s live performance of his own track “3D” (from the album 3D: The Remixes, released in 2023) with Kaushal’s “Tauba Tauba.” The result? Pure magic. In the edited video, Jungkook’s expressions, movements, and steps blend seamlessly with the Bollywood song, leaving viewers stunned and questioning if it’s an edit or not. The attention to detail is impeccable, making it appear that Jungkook himself was performing the Bollywood hit. The fan-edited video has gone viral on Instagram, racking up over 1.1 million views in just three days. It has also garnered more than 500+ comments and 119,743 likes, a testament to the power of cross-cultural fan creativity and the universal appeal of music and dance. BTS ARMY Day 2024 Wishes and Greetings: Happy Birthday ARMY! BTS ARMY Flood X With Heartfelt Messages, Images, Quotes and Videos.

BTS Jungkook 'Tauba Tauba' Crossover

Vicky Kaushal's 'Tauba Tauba' Track 

Netizens can't keep calm because Jungkook’s steps perfectly synced with Vicky Kaushal’s “Tauba Tauba.” It’s a match made in heaven, and their comments are both hilarious and spot-on. Don’t believe us? See for yourself and join the fun as this fan-made crossover continues to win hearts and rack up views. The magic of digital editing strikes again!

Hell Yeah!

Netizens' Reaction (Photo Credits: Instagram)

We Can't Agree More

Netizens' Reaction (Photo Credits: Instagram)


Netizens' Reaction (Photo Credits: Instagram)

“Making Jungkook dance on the only song on the internet these days,” the editor cheekily captioned the video. Indeed, this crossover has become a sensation, proving that with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of love for their idols, fans can create moments of joy that transcend boundaries and bring people together. So, ARMYs, don’t sweat it! Even while Jungkook is away, his spirit and moves continue to captivate hearts across the globe, all thanks to the magical realm of digital editing. Here’s to more such delightful surprises that keep us dancing and dreaming.

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