Major actor Adivi Sesh spoke about spending time with Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's family during the course of making of the film, which is based n the brave martyr who foiled the plans of terrorists by holding the fort during the 26/11 attacks of Mumbai. Major Trailer Out! Adivi Sesh As Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Recreates How 26/11 Martyr Sacrificed His Life To Save Others (Watch Video).

Speaking at the song launch of 'Oh Isha' from Major, the actor told the media, "We persuaded uncle and amma (Major Sandeep's parents) endlessly to meet us just once. Uncle hung up on me a couple of times when I first tried to get in touch with him, then we got a girl from our team to speak with him so that he might agree to talk to us. Eventually, he agreed to meet us."

Sesh, who has also written the film, continued, "When I met him, he told me that a lot of filmmakers from Bollywood or even Malayalam cinema have tried to approach him but he declined every time because all of them gave away that impression that they were doing us a favour. This he felt was a genuine effort from our side to portray his son's story."

"During the course of filming, uncle and amma became a family. 'Main off screen Major toh nahi ban sakta par I can try to become their second son (I may not become a Major off screen but I can surely become their second son'," the actor added. Major Teaser: Adivi Sesh As Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Recalls The Valour Of 26/11 Martyrs (Watch Video).

"We have dubbed the film in Malayalam as well, out of respect for the great man as he was from Kerala. There were no commercial considerations with regards to this decision," he concluded. Major is set to release on June 3 in cinema halls in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.

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