Anupamaa fans got a surprise when the new look of Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia was unveiled. We can see a picture where he is in a yellow kurta with his hair disheveled with strands of gray. The reunion of MaAn is something fans of the couple are very hopeful about. But the new pic has left everyone worried about the future. Anupamaa will hold herself responsible for the split of Shruti and Anuj. She decides to get them married at all costs. Anupamaa Actor Rupali Ganguly Urges Fans ‘Not To Drag Families’ Amid Controversial Video Featuring Gaurav Khanna’s Wife Akanksha Chamola.

The marriage of Dimpy and Titu is also in danger in Anupamaa. The pic has been shared on the handle, Pinkvilla. Anuj is very determined to get married to Anupamaa at any cost. Anupamaa's Aashish Mehrotra aka Toshu Quits Star Plus Show For Khatron Ke Khiladi 14 - Reports.

 Has Anuj’s Father Made an Entry in Anupamaa?

One of the wild theories doing the rounds is that Anuj Kapadia's original father is back on the show. In the past, we saw how Anupamaa met Malti Devi, who was the mother of Anuj Kapadia. They had a prolonged track on the show. Could it be the father who will finally reunite MaAn?

Is Aadhya in danger in Anupamaa?

Some speculations also suggest that the life of Aadhya is in danger in Anupamaa. Anuj Kapadia will don a new avatar to find out who is behind Aadhya. We know that his daughter is his life. There is a rumour that Anupamaa will be responsible for the separation of Aadhya and her father. This will break the heart of Anuj Kapadia.

Anuj Kapadia Needs Sukoon

Anuj Kapadia fans want some happiness in his life. They do not want one more painful separation for the couple.

The new pic has created immense buzz all around. We have to see how Anupamaa and Dimpy react after the complete expose of Titu. Viewers can expect a lot in coming days.



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