In the next episode, you will see SRK entering the house and grooving on his song with Salman from Zero- Ishqbaazi. They will also interact with the housemates, who are very much keen to meet the superstar. Deepak Thakur dances on 'Gerua'. They will also make Sreesanth and Karanveer Bohra recreated a dialogue from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The next episode will surely an entertaining one, so stayed with us. 

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan shot for an audio-visual for the entertainment of BB12 fans. After declaring that there will be no eliminations today, the host shows us the AV. In this, the duo is roaming on a bike mocking each other. 

They also attend a fake, recreated wedding where they talked about Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor Khan and even little Taimur doll! They also took a dig at themselves saying that the season of weddings help them get their pocket money! 

In a video call segment of the fans, a fan asks Sreesanth about why he always talks about quitting the game constantly and says that he is not interested in the trophy. He explains that he did that only in the initial episodes. Another fan, asks Somi about her relation with Romil, on which she says that they are just friends. 

Shah Rukh Khan calls the contestants as Bauua Singh, his character from Zero. The contestants have been not told about him yet. He asks Sreesanth why he talks about his quitting. He mocks Romil for sleeping all the time in the episodes and yet no one recognizes him. 

Rohit names, KV, Romil and Somi. Salman Khan compliments Surbhi that she has changed for better last week. He also asks her about the 'happy club' that she was a part of. She names KV, Romil and Deepak. Sreesanth names Deepak, Surbhi and Somi. 

The superstar then asks why the housemates said that Surbhi was an 'unfair' sanchalika. Karanveer tries to explain the situation but Salman mocks him saying 'worst performer' and the housemates burst into laughter. 

Salman Khan takes a dig at Romil for his careless attitude. He also reprimands Rohit for sleeping early while the telecast. He asks contestants to arrange three housemates chronologically as to who does not deserve to be the finalists. While Romil says Surbhi, Karanveer too names her along with Rohit and Romil. Somi also names KV, Rohit and Dipika Kakkar. 

Bigg Boss 12 has become one of the most controversial shows this year too. With a host like Salman Khan and a bunch of bubbly contestants, the episodes manage to create stir on the social media. By now, the housemates have managed to gain their own fan-following outside the house without even being aware about it. The weekend ka var becomes extra special, especially with the divide between the contestants and fans too. So what does today's episode have in the store for us? Stay tuned to know!

The episode starts with Salman asking the contestants about how their experience was about meeting the family members. Also, the host takes us into the episode where Swara Bhasker and Sumeet Vyas entered to promote their series It's Not That Simple. The contestants are seen blaming each other on 'gender bias' during the tasks. Surbhi, Deepak Thakur, Dipika Kakkar, Somi Khan amongst others tell their experiences.