Bigg Boss 12: Here's Why Dipika Kakar Did the Right Thing by Sending Sreesanth to the Secret Room
Dipika should not feel guilty, we feel

Bigg Boss 12 has been boring. So it’s not surprising that the makers of the high voltage reality show have been bringing one twist after another to capture the attention of the viewers. First, they got a fiery wild card contestant in just two weeks. Then they broke the jodi of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu and sent the former to a secret room. And now in the latest twist, Sreesanth has left the house in a mid-week eviction. But there came another twist, as he didn’t bid adieu to the Bigg Boss house. Instead, Sreesanth has joined Anup in the secret room and they both are watching and hearing their co-contestants, who obviously don’t know about this.

Sreesanth was nominated along with Nehha Pendse and Karanvir Bohra for eliminations. Bigg Boss dropped the mid-week eviction bomb and announced that one of them will get eliminated from the show. The three of them were summoned in the activity area and put in a coffin. So much for drama. Bigg Boss 12 Mid-Week Eviction: Sreesanth Has Been Eliminated From Salman Khan's Show? Fans Want That.

The other housemates were able to watch all of this in the living area of the house. They were then asked to name one contestant, who deserves to be eliminated. It is during this Dipika Kakar, who shares a great bond with Sreesanth said that he should leave, because he has been wanting to leave. We have seen that very clearly, haven’t we? Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth Does The Unbelievable After Seeing His Wife's Video Message.

Dipika was feeling guilty as she thought she betrayed her friend, and Sreesanth was a bit upset too. But tbh, there is no need for Dipika to live in this guilt and she did the right thing when she named Sreesanth.


Just imagine, you enter the Bigg Boss house and make a new friend, who turns out to be a quitter. He loses his cool at the drop of a hat because of which his blood pressure shoots up thereby worrying you. He keeps threatening to leave the house because he is emotionally weak. He doesn’t take part in the tasks actively, while the other members of the team are giving their all. All your time is spent in calming him down, which becomes a joke for the other contestants. This was Dipika’s life in the house in the presence of Sreesanth. So if she wanted him out, again not because he is a strong competition, but because he evidently wants to go back to his family, then she is definitely not wrong in what she did. It was a sensible choice that she made considering Karanvir and Nehha are also as close to her as Sreesanth is.

Now that Sreesanth is in the secret room for a couple of days, we are waiting to see how Dipika’s stint on Bigg Boss 12 will be till the time he comes back.