Ishqbaaz Actress Reyhna Pandit on her Kiss With Nia Sharma: It's Not a Lesbian Act at All
Nia Sharma, Reyhna Pandit (Photo Credits: Instagram)

TV actresses Reyhna Pandit and Nia Sharma caused an uproar with their public kiss at Ekta Kapoor's Holi party recently. The girls made headlines for what's being touted a sexual act. However, they have no qualms about it. Bombay Times recently spoke to these leading ladies to discuss this entire issue and if it deserved so much attention. They personally believe it was a sign of affection and there was nothing to read between the lines here. They think it was a simple kiss and there was no need to make a fuss about it. Video of Nia Sharma and Reyhna Pandit’s Lip Lock at Ekta Kapoor’s Holi Party Goes Viral [Watch].

When Reyhna was asked to elaborate on the incident, she said, "After my sister, the only person I kiss is Nia because she's like my sister. I wonder why so much fuss is being made on this. All I can say is, Nia is my best friend and only friend in the industry and since she was showering love on me that day by being concerned about my late arrival, I thought I would return my love with a kiss. It was just pure love for her and people should not read more into this. It is not a lesbian act at all. If you can kiss your sister on the lips, a girl friend who is very special deserves a similar kiss on a festival day."Nia Sharma Is On A Roll; Shuts Haters With Classic Replies!

Coming to Nia, she agreed with her friend's version and insisted to not cook up any controversy around it. "A simple kiss is being made into a big thing. There's no controversy here for God's sake, people should understand that. But we can't control trolls or people who termed this kiss as something else, because both of us know, it was out of pure love for each other. Reyhna is like my cousin. After five years of knowing her, I have a deep bond with her. Also, if I can wish Happy Holi and kiss my Mom on the lips, why not my best friend who is like my cousin? This is only a friendly kiss and I don't think I could care more about how people interpret it."

Well, we do believe these girls and hate when things go out of hand irrationally. And since you heard the reasoning coming straight from the horse's mouth, we expect you guys to believe them too.