Kumkum Bhagya January 2, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Abhi Lands in Trouble, Will Pragya Come to His Rescue Again?
Abhi and Pragya of Kumkum Bhagya (Photo Credits: TV Stills)

Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) searching Pragya’s (Sriti Jha) room for the birth certificate when he sees a photo of Pragya and Kiara and talks to himself that Pragya has made him a thief. Abhi then goes down and searches suddenly the door opens, Abhi hides and watches as to who has come. Purab comes from behind and Abhi gets frightened and shouts at him as to why he has come in like this and tells Purab to start searching as they don’t have much time. They both start searching the cupboards and putting the clothes down, Purab tells Abhi to put all the clothes neatly after searching as Pragya will come to know that someone was here.

Abhi sees a pink suitcase above the cupboard and goes to check it. He opens it and finds his photo in it, Abhi opens the album and sees Kiara’s childhood photo (Aashiyaan teri dhudthi tera khuda mera khuda mile track is being played in the background) and gets emotional. Suddenly Abhi gets Pragya’s passport and sees that she has not changed her surname till now. Abhi then sees the birth certificate of Kiara and takes it and close the suitcase and keep it up and goes.

In the party, Kiara got hurt and is insisting that she wants to go home. King tells Mr.Kapoor that he has to leave the party as his daughter is hurt. Pragya comes to ask what happen and Kiara tells King not to tell Pragya that she is hurt. After knowing that Kiara has fallen and got hurt she is tensed and they all leave the party.

There Abhi calls out Purab and tells that he got the certificate and is very happy as he will get Kiara back. Purab tells Abhi to show him the certificate and just then it falls down, Abhi picks it up and Purab video calls Disha and tells her that they have got the certificate. Disha is also very happy hearing this and tells them to show the certificate, but just as they open it they see that Abhi’s name is not written in the certificate. Disha tells them to see whether in the father’s name King's name is there or not. When Purab and Abhi see the certificate they don’t find any fathers name in it. Disha makes them understand that since there is no name of King’s also mean when Kiara was born Kings was not there in Pragya’s life. This means that this child is Abhi’s and not King’s. The phone disconnects and Purab goes out of the house and calls Disha again. Purab then calls in Pragya's landline as Abhi has left his phone with Purab. But Abhi is scared to lift the phone as he thinks maybe Kings or some relative of them may be calling. Abhi then picks up the call and comes to know that it was Purab. Purab tells him to come out soon as possible as Pragya make come home. Abhi tells Purab that he wants the passport of Kiara when he gets it he will come and tells him to go home. Purab tells him that he won’t leave without him but Abhi advises him to go and that he will be fine.

Just as Purab leaves, King and Pragya reach home, they ring the bell and Pragya tells may be Malvin might have gone for dinner and rings again as she could not find the keys where they keep outside the house. Abhi goes to open the door thinking it might be Purab but hears Pragya’s and Kiara's voice and thinks what he will do now.