Chennai: Boy Commits Suicide Over Homophobia, Posts 'Not My Fault I am a Gay' on Facebook
Chennai homosexual boy commits suicide (Photo credits: Facebook)

Chennai, July 9:  In a heart-wrenching incident from the city, a 19-year-old boy committed suicide after he was mocked and ridiculed for being homosexual. The young boy, who hailed from Mumbai had put up a social media post narrating the ordeal he experienced.

According to reports,  Avinshu uploaded the post on July 2, at around 10 pm and he then switched off his phone. The next day, his body was found on the beach near his house by the locals. People Want Gay Marriage to Be Legal in India: Study

In the Facebook post, he shared, that everyone knows that he is a boy. But the way he walks thinks and talks is like a girl. People in India do not like that. He requested everyone not to blame my family. Help them because they are poor. 'I love my mom, dad, and sister. I thank them for supporting me. It is not my fault that I was born gay', his Facebook post read.

He used to work at a salon in Chennai and his family has been informed to take his body back home. A day before the incident, he went to a mall with his friend and sounded very happy. But after two hours, he gave his friend a call and told him that he wanted to end his life.

It is really sad that despite the Supreme Court decriminalizing homosexuality, members of the community still face discrimination, which drives to the extent of taking their lives.