LatestLY and TikTok Collaborate for a Live Infotainment Show, Sachhi Baat With LatestLY
Sachhi Baat With LatestLY (Photo Credits: File Image)

In just two years, LatestLY has grown to be one of the top digital news portals in India. As the world deals with the pandemic and the consequent lockdown, LatestLY has its best writers bringing you updates from all corners. Now, pushing the envelope, LatestLY is expanding more into the virtual medium and collaborating with TikTok for a LIVE show – Sachhi Baat with LatestLY. In a very short time, TikTok has grown to be the country's favourite social media platform, with its pan-India approach. With its initiative #GharBaithoIndia, the platform aims at inspiring, and entertaining, the audience during these testing times.

Sachhi Baat with LatestLY will bust myths of the WhatsApp forwards and other fake news going around. The news portal has been busting fake news stories for some time now and you can find these on the LatestLY website’s Fact-check section. In these distressing times, one fake WhatsApp forward could be your reason for stress and anxiety. So, twice a week, the show will be tearing apart fake stories making the rounds on the internet.

Check Out The Announcement Video From TikTok:

That is not all. The show will give you lifestyle hacks and tips. Improve on yourself while you sit in the comfort of your home. The show will also teach the viewers about viral trends and how to stay on top of these. You will also get your biweekly dose of entertainment news on the show. Hollywood, Bollywood, TV - Sachhi Baat with LatestLY on TikTok (Follow: will bring you the latest gossip, updates and news about your favourite celebs and movies.