Plan to Kill Wife Backfires as Husband in West Bengal Blows Up House With Dynamite, Hurts Himself
(Image used for representational purpose only) (Photo Credits: PTI)

Bengal, June 14: Do you frequently quarrel with your husband? Be careful because you never know, what might happen to you next. In a recent incident, a stone quarry worker Jamir Mollah blew up his home with dynamite in Bengal's Birbhum district in a fit of rage.

According to a report on Hindustan Times, the intention was to teach his wife a lesson because allegedly she fights a lot with him. But fate had some other plans, and his wife was not at home. In fact, he was the one, who got severe injuries and had to be admitted to the hospital.

Reportedly, the worker allegedly stole the explosives from a quarry, where he works. There are many quarries in this region where dynamite is widely used to blow up rocky surfaces. The couple fought even on the night when the husband planned to blew up the house.