Bees are one of the amazing pollinators on Earth which ensure that the food cycle is intact. Unfortunately, global warming and other reasons have affected the bee community at large causing a decline in their population around the world. Among the days meant for Bee protect is Don't Step on a Bee Day observed on July 10. This observance is aimed at saving bees and their habitat. The day is also to create awareness about how humans are dependent on bees and how it is essential for our life ahead. And as we observe Don't Step on a Bee Day 2020, we bring to you ways in which you can individually contribute towards saving bees. Don't Step on a Bee Day 2020 Date And Significance: Know About the Day That Promotes Protection of Bees.

World Bee Day that also promotes the protection of bees was first observed when in 2009. It came into being after beekeepers signed a petition with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a day for the bees and beekeeping. Meanwhile, here are simple ways in which you can save their lives of bees and promote their lives on this planet. Why Bees Are Important For the Survival of the Human Race.

  • Don't use pesticides or fungicides in your plants as they may kill bees along with pests.
  • Buy raw honey from your local beekeepers instead of the bottled packaging from supermarkets.
  • Plant bee-friendly plants in your backyard that will be a great source of nectar and pollen. This will also attract butterflies.
  • Don't weed your garden because some of them are a good source of food for them.
  • Keep water in our lawn or balcony for bees and birds to drink during summer.
  • Tell your children about how bees are important for the survival of humans.
  • On days meant for bees, take to social media creating awareness about these insects.

In beekeeping interests you, you can also sponsor a beehive or start one on your own. You can support bees in your community and in return also get fresh honey. Let' pledge to be responsible people and make people aware of the need to protect them.

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